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Register number: 20081109

  Occupation: full time pet

  Payment: place to stay, soft sofa to sleep in, fresh milk and smoky salmon

Years of survive: approximately 5

  Lineage: pure street cat

  Resume: born in autumn days, chief of Maple Street, caught 20 rats a night

  Current address: the blue-roof house next to the baker's shop(the black cats' gather ground).


  During the night, she stretched her limes on this soft cotton sofa made for her. According to the nature, she wouldn't sleep when the moon is on the sky shinning. She usually dozed in the moon light bath and kept an eye on monitoring the whole house. The security system must work better than her; however, she felt the necessity of doing the work herself. Most of the time, she would take out the ID license that was send to her the day she enter the house. The card was just a paper. However, that recorded all her passing days.

In the morning, she had got the freedom to stroll the streets for about one hour or two. After she got used to the tiles of the human house, she came to dislike the burning blacktop and the street corners of dangerous greasy dirt and fragments of bottles. She idled the days away. Yet, she could almost do whatever she wanted, except destroying the expensive sofa in front of the TV and the purses of the hostess.

"Snow" was and is her name. She was named, just as the same as other animal friends have called her, Snow. Due to the snow white fur and her mysophobia, she has no choice but to accept the name. Even at the time of living on the street, she cares a lot about her white fur. An occupation as pet also provides her the chance to take good care of herself. After some simple counting of benefits, she decided to accept the indigo collar with a golden bell. Since then, that collar has hung on her neck for a year. She doesn't hate the collar only because it has the same color as her pupil of eyes.

  What a good payment with easy work which only to be a well-behaved pet at home. The past days as a street fellow seem very far away from her now. To be isolated from other friends makes her lonely. She admitted that she misses the old friends and freedom from time to time. However, the human's hugs complement the loneness. In the soft hug of little girl, Snow felt safe and comfortable. She is content with this condition as a pet most of the time. Sometimes she feels sorry for those friends that don't get a job as nice as a pet. If they can acquire this kind of job, they don't have to search the stale food all day long. How can smoky salmon compare to the rotten bread? Their lives can be improved. Before adapted by this family, she had been lingered around the street searching something to eat, or fighting to sustain her territory. That was an exciting life. However, she thinks she is too old to play those street games. That's a good chance to settle down after certain age by accepting human's hugs.

  Who would want everything to be current? However, things just change. Either the surrounding ask her to change or herself ask for a change. People change; she also knows the necessity to change while the time comes.

  That day the house she lived in came another live being, a cat with royal lineage. That cat is soon named "Princess."


  "Hello, I'm Snow." Showing the politeness Snow had learned from human.

  Princess opens only an eye to look at her"...Hi."

  "Where did you come form? I'm from Maple Street. "

  "I have every reason to claim that I from no street." Princess's eyes are uniquely red. Yet, that pair of red eyes never fix on Snow, and seldom stay on the human of this house.


Everyday, Princess prefer staying silent when facing Snow. Snow wanders why. Actually Princess just doesn't like to share the house and family with others. She expresses this point clear enough in everyday life.


  "She really has a special way of working this job," Snow thinks. "yet, how arrogant she is." Because that, Snow doesn't worry about her position in this house. There was no way the children would come to like arrogant Princess. However, she's wrong. Even though Princess doesn't like to talk to Snow or interact with any family members, she just gets all the attention in the house. Snow's favorite sofa is shifted to the corner soon after she came. The original position of better moon light bath is given to "Princess." When children came home from school, they first kiss their mom and then try to play with Princess and try everything they can to cheer her up. The number of hugs that are given to Snow declines day by day while Princess remains her arrogance. Princess even orders Snow to do some trifles for her. At first, Snow thinks that Princess's new here, so she has to be nice. Yet after a week, Snow feels she can't stand it anymore.

  "You don't like here?" Snow asks Princess one day.

  "No. Here is fine and comfortable."

  "Then why don't you react with the family members?"

  "To maintain the attention. You can try it."

Snow hates to see a cat takes all the attentions for granted, most of all, in this kind of attitude. What's the difference between street cats and lineaged cats? Her fur shines more with health than this indoor cat with gray and short fur and black paws. A street cat knows the art of gratitude. She knows she has to at least respect her boss from time to time. Snow likes this family. However, the family disappointed her. They pay too much attention to Princess. Snow felt that she a street cat in a nice house now. The payment still comes every breakfast and dinner. Yet, she thinks that she has nothing she can do here. Princess attracts all their attention. A pet also doesn't have to sever human being like a servant. Nor her healthy white fur brings the better touch than that Princess in the children's heart. Watching the happiness on the faces of the children show when they got Princess's permission to hug her is intolerable.

It's enough. Snow can't stand her anymore. The other day when the children all go to school without even say goodbye to her, Snow quit the job. She feels that the family needs not her, but Princess. The warm but perfunctory hug drives her crazy. Sure, there're many times she wants to go back. Therefore, she lingers around the area a few days more waiting to see any Lost Pet Notices with her pretty photographs on any telephone pole around the area. However, the depressed feeling echoes some beating thoughts that the world outside worth better than merely a house. The ease of being completely freedom also convinces her.


However, after a few weeks she finds that she made a worst decision of leaving the job. Snow strolls back to Maple Street, and finds out that no friends are there anymore. Depressed and sad, Snow's white fur lost its luster in all the wandering and rain. Hunger seizes her. She now digests the sour milk, bread, and whatever eatable she can find. She would never starve to death due to her ability to find food. She does miss the smoky salmon and fresh milk. She stays wherever she would not bother other cats and dogs' territory. Gazing at the Moon, the same moon as the one she saw in the Maple Street and the comfortable house. She remembers the word "Current" on the ID Licenses. Yet, she thinks that she's a perplex wanderer on the streets now. She laugh at herself, but that doesn't cheer her up or change anything. Even though she really misses the days as a pet, and tries not only once to be adapted by human beings again but all failed, she also enjoys the cold night wind and the breath without the smell of air condition.

  What would happen if I die here? In one winter night she thinks about that. She's alone. She lost the vitality in the old days. Compare to the first time she's a street fellow, her temperament becomes more soft and polite now. She learns something by watching human being from aside. Maybe it's because the period of being a pet ease her hot-tempered. That doesn't mean that she don't do fierce attacks or forget to protect herself. Actually, her attacks become more efficient and powerful than before. She gains her own territory soon, but she still doesn't know how to find back the feeling of interacting with other cats. Therefore, she doesn't belong to any gang or keep any subordinates.


  "I have been observing you for a few days." A voice of cat interrupt her nap under the mid day sun.

"I know. Before you did not do anything that may threat me, I won't do anything to little things like you." She stares at the young cat with ease looks, thinking about when the best time to attack is and how to effetely beat off the little kind.

"Your temperament is quite noble. Ever been educated?"

"No." Snow deliberately constrain herself not to look at the collar by her side.

"I am going to explore the world. Do you have any good spot to recommend?" The little cat walks forward the street and observes if there rest any other cat.

Explore the world? How naive this little kind is. However, the positive thought burn up Snow's passion. "That might be interesting," thinks Snow. "but, this little cat is ... extremely lack of experience."

 "You're too young to know all the rules of cat's society." Snow takes lead of the way in front of the little kind. A new period of live has just started.


  Snow is now a adventurous street cat teacher with noble politeness. She lingers everywhere she wants to go. Ah, and the payment now is the self-confidence, respects and offering from other cats.

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