I haven't finished the whole series of kemono no sousya Erin, but I really love this cartoon. (Even though recently my friend always holds some negtive comments on this cartoon. For example, there's not a lot of thrlling plots and settings...)

However, I love it. It's a cartoon that Japan's NHK education TV station had played last year.

I was fortunated enough to know this cartoon from NHK world's introduction maybe...last year's summer vacation. I wasn't good at Japanese listening at that time. So... I only catch the main story outline...

It's not until the end of this semester, when I was about to graduate from university, did I bump into this cartoon. And... I was writing American Literature final paper and watching Erin at the same time

I finished the paper yesterday, and there're only about 10 episodes that I  haven't finished...(=.=)

I love this cartoon and the music.

rararira, yowakenotori, shizuku(instrumental version & piano version, no singing versionXD)

compare to yowakenotori, I think rararira is more soft and more like a lullaby...

under the moon night, company everyone who are having dreams

Of course, dreams go through hells (difficults), too

Don't give up easily!(but not being stubborn) I could feel this line from the song.

(ps. when I was comparing the superheroes in Watchmen and heroes in Lincoln's Address Delivered at the Dedication of the Cemetery at Gettysburg in American Literature final paper and watching Erin at the same time... there's sharp gap between two cultures. I don't know how to explain the difference even in Chinese, but...how to find the dream or faith, how to insist and fulfill it, and how to ecplain to others...those are very different in two culture..........)

In the story, Erin faces many dilemmas and diffucilties...

Sometimes she failed and have... terrible consequences...like lossing her fingers(@@"←I was shocked this morning...)

well... at least she stand to take over the responsibilities



I like to read children's book...

Even though the "teaching atmosphere" might be too over sometimes in some works

Well...just neglect those plots (XD) It's readers' choices

But Erin is not so over, at least in my opinion

The story starts from Erin's childhood

audiences could go through many people's inner concerns

one group also go closer to each other

the pace is slow and simple, but clear



Besides discussing and stuggling about human beings' reletaionship and distance with bakemonotachi(monsters)

about wild animals, pets, and fighting tools 

there're other stroies and issues, including the must-have(XD) issue--striving governmental power

Yet most of the time the story's point of view comes from Erin, a girl who are always thinking about taking care of oujyu and far from govermental ruling power...

The world is well constructed.

It's a rich story in my point of interpretatio

Even though I'm not an animate vegetarian, but I am not always having stake with pepper(EVA?)

hetalia and Erin are softer...


But... love story between Erin and Iaru are too little desyou(!?)

I've heard that there will be a child born...but I couldn't figure out how could they...fall in love with each other (that's not an important point!)


When Erin talk to Iaru about the dousya character...

I think of the samurais in ancient Japan and superheroes in American...

Another difference that I find no fine words to compare the two

My understanding to the two kind of respecable people are skin-deep, so I couldn't make comments...

But I am really surprised that Erin, as the protagonist of the story, would ask Iaru to have his own life...

Iaru's job is really similar to samurai...



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