May 29th, 2008



 English, even though I don’t like people take it merely as a language tool, but what I want to teach students in the future is take English as a language tool and utilize it in the most efficient way. I hope the ability to use English can broaden students’ horizon. There’s so much information and knowledge that is record in English. It would be a pity thing to give up those information for the whole lifetime just because one can’t understand English. Of course, academic books require student’s knowledge of proper names and terminology to understand. Yet, students must have the basic understanding of English and interest to read them.
   Therefore, the goal of my teaching is make students accept English as a useful language tool and dodge the appearance of English. In Taiwan, education system often put students to hate English by numerous tests. Essential assessments are inevasible in a language class, but I don’t want to push students too hard. I hope I can motivate them to study this language for their own good and interest, not for scores. To achieve that propose, I would make many little formative evaluation as well as some summative evaluation. I would try to design them in class activities, homework, or interesting drills with maybe, famous character’s descriptions. I don’t want students to feel heavy pressure when studying English. Some pressure may be necessary, but too much would do no good to both sides. Bottom-up skills is the same important as top down ones.
 Most of all, I would like my teaching materials includes variety. Subjects of reading, listening, discussing, and writing may range from stories, history, new technology, news, cartoon, entertainments, health, …etc, to anything relate to students’ life or their possible interest. Through that aim, I hope I can expose them the image that the English can be anywhere, and try to face it and take advantages from it. Except of understanding main idea the text try to convey, I want to provide some topic that worth them to give a deep thought to those issue, like global warming, gender issue, or human right. It would never be too early to urge students to think about the issues that would one day important to them. After all, they leave in this society and this world. They should at least know what’s going on and know how to express their ideas when they want to participate into the topic one day.
 As to the aspect of English culture, I don’t teach students to worship the English culture, but to respect another culture speaks in other language. In the same time, respect our own culture. Also, I hope one day, students would be proud and confident to introduce our culture heritage to people from other countries. All the culture materials, like festivals and histories, I would leave the value to be judged by the students themselves. No matter they appreciate or dislike the idea, they have to develop their own opinions. I don’t want my students to go against something or worship something without reasons. That would be a waste of all his or her education.
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